• Anish Kapoor 'Orbit'

    There was a good programme on the box last night, the BBC's Arts presenter Alistair Sooke, interviewed the Artist Anish Kapoor about his sculpture cum architecture; the 'ArcelorMittal Orbit', now completed and resident alongside the Olympic Stadium in London.

    Most people I speak to or have heard from, have dismissed the bright red tower, as a monstrosity...waste of public money.....ugly art!

    As the telly explained it was paid for in the main, (over £22 million) by the steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal.

    Alongside the artistic temperament and thinking, came the architectural nous of Cecil Balmond.

    And in my view, the 'Orbit' is a valuable asset to the London skyline. It appears alive and fluent, belying the enormous steel parts that make it up. The colour red reinforces the strength and entices the eye even more.

    And it IS a treat for the visual senses.

    Although as pointed out last night, the walkways in steel colour do make a statement in themselves, and appear to distance their obvious need from the sculptural aspect overall. Better they were red too.

    I can't wait to try it out. From the enormous funnel on ground level to the viewing platform some 80m up in the wind.

    Bravo to the Boris and the Committee that approved it. I can't imagine Mr Livingstone had he been in power would have wanted it.



  • Back in April, Bill Hudson burnt 41 of his paintings in Sussex. This was done purely as a creative act, not for reasons of artistic rebellion or anger.

    The press were intrigued as were many of his collectors....as his Dealer I was bereft !

    Bill has now completed his latest piece, incorporating most of the ashes. It will be seen publicly for the first time on July 13 at the Mercedes Benz Club event in Weybridge, to a selected audience of 350 invited guests.

    I am having the work photographed beforehand, those on the mailing list will be given a first view on the morning of July 13th by email. Several hours before the Mercedes event.

    For a Painter of Bill's age and experience, it is essential that he create work that is unique. He does not look at the art market and decide what to copy, but is purely interested in what his mind can create.

    If you would like to hear of the latest news and work of William 'Bill' Hudson, email us at abstract@o2email.co.uk with your name and email address.



  • HM Queen Diamond Jubilee

    So it seems Blighty's weather will turn against the crowd in London, on Sunday. The rain won't put off too many though I hope. For what a sight it will be, more than a 1,000 boats of every size and type will sail along the Thames for the Diamond Jubilee.

    Not sure where I will see it, but I will be Thames side at Putney on Saturday, an old haunt, where I believe a large contigent will be moored. Fantastic to think the Thames will recapture some of it's very busy past, and not that long ago either!

    I hope there will be some Artists capturing the event as it unfolds on Sunday....and not from photographs.



  • Last night I attended my first,

    Last night I attended my first, EVENING STANDARD BUSINESS CONNECTIONS meeting in Westminster.

    The 3 excellent speakers were Tony Wang, General Manager of Twitter UK, Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital & Paul Harrison, Managing Partner of Carve Consulting.

    Excellent night it was too, with wine and nibbles, helping the networking afterwards along very well!

    At least 150 other business owners filled out the Emmanuel Centre on a pretty sweltering London night.



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